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stupid words

Do you say "Huzzah"? No? Then why do you write it?

Join the 17th century already and write "Hurray!" like the rest of us.

hi facebook

Hi Facebook friends!

oh wait, this is liveurinal. nm!

I am on my way to Neighbours.

Why don't you?

Too f'ing bad LiveJournal

A bunch of unmaintained communities that I am a member of got hit by spambots.

The maintainers of the communities are long gone. LiveJournal requires spam reporting to be done by community maintainers. What a SCREWED system. I went through and flagged all the spam as adult content. Does that make more work for LJ employees? Yes it does. Do I care? No I don't. Until they have a solution where any member of community, or trusted user, or whatever, can deal with spam I'll keep doing it. Spam is a flood, requiring vertical communication filters to even make a report, yeah, that's systemic failure.

I write like... meme.

I write like
Jesus Christ

Cuzza, I am full of wisdom!. Analyze your writing!

Oh LJ, here is what I did.

The other day I went shopping for sheets. I went to 3 stores, and a thrift store. I want to find a store that sells fitted sheets as separates. Is that so hard? I have three sets of sheets. Only one has a fitted sheet that fits. I could live with one or two fitted sheets for the other sets that generally match the color, I'm not picky. But they don't exist, or they are so expensive I could just buy a complete set for the same price. My fitted sheets need to be super deep pocket, 17".

Hello LiveJournal!

I haven't updated in a long time. I got nudged to do so.

How are you?

Does anyone still read LiveJournal? If you do, I love you.

hi Livejournal.

How you doin'?

Lake Union Fireworks

Click through for biggie sized.


And another, you will like my dogs.

Because they are adorable!

mi chihuahuaitos2

Why the FUCK do you have a kid?

A lot of people on my friends list will like this website.


Big Sad Face


I love this car more than I love most of you.  I do not look forward to negotiating with an insurance company to keep it.

I thought you might like to know I sometimes post in seattle.

And if you remember my fashion advice about track suits, read! this!

i am sitting on the couch

trying the drivel client onnn eeebuntu.

This is, my hometown

eyelid and scalp tattoos are both A#1